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We care very deeply about the privacy of our members and the privacy of our visitors.

But we go that extra mile to try and protect our members, that is why visitors can only see a minimal amount of personal information and profile pictures. After registering for an account you will be able to shield your profile from unwanted viewers and other malicious viewing behavior.

Please respect the privacy of all our members

If you see someone you know from you local area of from back in the days in high school then we strongly urge you to not spread the word on social media sites or anything else that could compromise their anonymity on this site. If the staff finds out that a member is spreading private pictures of one of our members we will immediately proceed to delete the concerning’s members profile and ban them from ever using (or any of their partner sites) ever again.

If any of our members or visitors for that matter come across anything suspicious or finds out that some members/visitor is using information posted on or any of its subpages, then please let the staff know via this link and we will immediately take legal action upon the copyright infringement.